Thursday, February 16, 2012


there's once i've loved the most.
just that once and serious once.

wonder do i have another time and another serious time?
i just know i lost everything, and i dont have confident.
i mention i lost everything doesnt mean i've committed something "illegal" or wrong in the term, cheat.

well, i know i loved very much, die die i dont let go my hands. even today.
"... said it, it is already passed." (not by me)
past for present, i dont care, as long i trust my heart.
shits happen, i dont care, as long i love ...

well, i just want to express myself, as currently just finish going thru the notes for 2molo last paper. i have no shit clues about it. i only know im goin to fucked and handing in empty. means, PHAILL!!
i dono who i am, what am i, hell am i.


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