Tuesday, January 31, 2012

when honda meets toyota

just a photoshoot before the cny.

and ohh! happy cny, gong hei fatt choi.
i dont need to story any about of my cny, n.o.t.h.i.n.g about it.
dont need mention about valentine too. ;)

anyway, just a photo shoot before cny, and i just done wrapping the mugen front lip to dry carbon look with a Type One sticker at the middle. right after 4 days, my mom drove the car and scratch the lip, ONCE again...
well, female cant drive. this is fact, although is not majority of them cant drive. fact is fact. ;)
true story.

i was mad, seriously mad about it.
the front lip repainted just right before the 30th night. till now, the front look doesnt look as the picture itself. ;)

the corolla ee90 aka ae92, is my friend's one. he's also a car enthusiast like me. we just student, we enjoy cars and etc. quite budget still.
wait till we grad and get a job. things will be better, maybe i will change my ride. OR something with K related??

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