Friday, January 27, 2012


twice of heartbreak.
put me into hell.

dont say twice, once, already feel like dead. twice, worst than dead.
i cant even describe it.

some ppl say, donnt care those not appreciate you, show them how well u live without them.
not i degil or what, once i gone into relationship, im serious to it and goin all for it. givin my everything.

twice of heartbreak, now i feel like a person without heart. no heartbeat. cant feel myself.
less social, less goin out. mostly at home. at home. and at home.
dont have the mood for anything.

i wonder, when i can feel my heartbeat once again.
when i can have someone again? and love until i cant let go anything again?
no idea. i dono.
thats my answer for every question. dono. no idea.

want to feel alive again. who can?

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