Wednesday, November 2, 2011



now, car is my everything... im very sayang my car, although not perfect enough, but i still sayang her (my car).  just like i love her, shes not perfect, i like her, her regrets at all...
being a fool or stupid den stupid, im fine with it...
simple, and good. but actually is complicate and madness.


on 7th nov this year, im not lookin forward anyway, im being right person last year. but this year, not at all, mayb im gonna sleep on my bed til 8th nov just wake up as usual, go class.
yea on 7th nov is holiday, 'spend my time with family' (actually just at home), simple and super duper bored, since will super duper bored, i'll tend get very frusfrated... (well, problematic person, crazy)

dont need think so much, 7th nov, unless got so great person bring me out and party like mindfuck.
OR, mayb i go out have drive at night, speeding, tackling corner with high speed, car losses control, accident and crash to cliff or whatever then die on the spot. who knows, anything can happen...
because, in my ba zi (in mandarin) the fortune life teller, already proven, i not really have 'smooth journey' for this year, and i would get hurt, bleed, crazy plenty bleeding, might die, or get hurt or cacat or whatever...

even, got one time i went movida drinking with my paintball teammate, Street Mobsters, one of their friend at there, he can fortune tell some, but those he said, and compare as i know, is actually right and about the same. especially i said  i will involve in accident and will hav major injury bleeding non stop.
he say, i should drive slow, no more fast drive speeding.
i just dono when will be, or never will happen if i drive slow or....etc etc
i've already let go everything, surrender my life to god, i dont look and take anything as very important, even i look lightly on my life and everything. i don care it anymore, want how then how lah... since this year 2011 early of the year, feb or march like that. i;ve already be like that.
exam, subject fail then fail... don care d... i also no heart to study edi...
just like a useless rubbish rotten kid...

well, born on the day, die also on the day. easy, solve everything, my parent dont need waste any money after that, selesai 1 problem caused by fked up kid (me)

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