Monday, October 17, 2011

My Happiest Moment

was my happiest time of all, 2009/11/7 on my birthday, 1 of happiest day, happiest time, bahagia life...

she's the one in my life, she make it all right happen on my birthday, thats two years ago, i still can remember everything happen right in my head. feel very touching also.
she's just like the one in my life, she's affect everything in my life, cheerful, sad, and everything. Im appreciate everything what i've gone thru with her, im fortunate met her in my life too.

till...2010 her birthday, just bring her out a day for date, she just prefer something relax time, just with me during her birthday.

this is one of the potrait sunset that i love the most, well, shes inside, thats why im super liking this photo. So do her. Also one of the best photo for the day, she dress up real pretty, just for me, and im happy to look at her. i just will smile and smile in my heart when sees her.

i feel really happy seeing this photo and thought of alot of things for the day and everything we've gone thru.

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