Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MLOC Gymkhana Super Series 2010 - 2nd Jan 2010, Saturday.

MLOC Gymkhana Super Series 2010

Date : 2nd January 2010, Saturday
Time : Full day event
Venue : A Famosa Resort, Melaka

The Gymkhana is a MLOC private event. Only registered MLOC members will be allowed to participate. We will also be open for new member registrations on event day.

1) Competition Format
1. Competition will be split into 2 classes – NA Category and Open Category. Open Category consists of both 2WD or 4WD Turbocharged engines.

2. Maximum entry of 30 participants.

3. Each participant will be given 1 practice run. At the end of the practice run, the participant will be given 4 timed runs of which the best 2 runs will be used for judging.

4. Prizes - 1st, 2nd and 3rd place drivers for both categories will be awarded trophies. We are currently in talks with some sponsors for additional prizes for the top drivers.

2) Rules & Regulations for Participants
1. A SIRIM approved open face helmet is compulsory. Full face helmets and/or FIA approved helmets are recommended. Helmets must be worn and securely fastened at all times on the track. Any driver who is found without a helmet will not be allowed to run.

2. A working 3-point seatbelt (original seatbelt) is required and all drivers must fasten their seatbelts. Drivers found unbelted or without a working seatbelt will be penalized or totally disallowed on track. A 4-point harness is highly recommended.

3. Long pants and close toe shoes are compulsory (no sandals/slippers/crocs). Driving shoes and gloves are highly recommended.

4. All vehicles MUST have working brakes and properly inflated tires. Brake lights and indicator lights must be working. There MUST be no oil leaks. Vehicles found unsafe during car inspection will be denied participation.

5. Semi-slicks and full slick tires are NOT allowed.

6. All Participants MUST attend the Drivers’ Briefing. All participants are required to strictly follow the instructions of the Organizer and the Race Marshals for safety purposes. Participants with bad discipline will be given strict warning and may be disallowed to further participate in the competition.

7. MLOC Committee & the Organizers reserves the right to deny participation if a driver and/or his/her vehicle is found to be unsafe.

3) Entry Fees

3.1) Driver Participation Fees - RM 300
- includes Entry for 1 Spouse/Partner
- MLOC Gymkhana T Shirt (Driver's special edition)
- Gymkhana Event Sticker
- MLOC Gymkhana Driver Lanyard
- Lunch Break, Tea Break, Dinner (BBQ)

3.2) Spectator Fees - RM 65
- includes Entry for 1 Spouse/Partner
- Gymkhana Event Sticker
- MLOC Gymkhana Spectator Lanyard
- Lunch Break, Tea Break, Dinner (BBQ)

3.3) Additional Person - RM 25/pax
- MLOC Gymkhana Spectator Lanyard
- Lunch Break, Tea Break, Dinner (BBQ)

3.4) Children under 12 years old is F.O.C

For more info, log on to

thanx for mizu inviting me attend this event...

but now not sure what time i need to go tho, because i needed to help taking photo of malacca state MLOC or the EVOs gang's convoy....

soooooo happy gonna take part ppls convoy lea....yyyeeehoooo....:p

but abit awkawrd is im driving little pony car...and other ppl is Mitsubishi Lancer Evo....with big turbos and damn fast car....

me leh?? T.T sob...wakakaka

last time almost can join Toyota or AE86 convoy for ppl weeding geh....but cancel d...
too bad...

this convoy gonna from ayer keroh then to where i dono and might be stop by infront my home, infront that golden shower condominium big car park...
i guess im gonna wake up super early to prepare then... >< :p
then the convoy gonna head to Afamosa resort for the private MLOC Gymkhana event...niceee

im gonna pay rm65 as spectator, include with lunch, tea break, bbq dinner as stated there...
hmm...not sure what time will back home tho... :p
because of party party party....hehehehehe

so now i need to ready my camera....this time gonna bring two camera...
dslr and my semi pro...semi pro is my back up camera... :p


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thanks for that info bro...

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