Thursday, June 4, 2009


hmmm im bored now...hahaha
simply blogging...

same to YouTa...hmmm where his ear???!!!!O.O
hehe lolz

"I AM LAWYER...I CAN DO ANYTHING..."(by my company law lecturer)

anyway asking u all can u see wtf is the writing on white board??
srry for the lousy picture quality...
and that my seat position is a FIRST i kidding now??of coz NO!!
im sitting at first row for the SAKE of my COMPANY LAW lecturer's hand writing...bloody hell...
and i dono wat the hell is she teaching...she says I AM A LAWYER,I CAN DO ANYTHING!!
wtf!!don threaten me by that lah k....IM UR FUCKING GOD!!

i guess im gonna phail and retake this subject tho....sigh~
in a university got this kind of lecturer no heart to teach sure got alot of student DIE wan...patut lah so many mmu student commited suicide....
kekeke lolz

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